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Year 2000 Season Results as of June 15

As of July 1, 2000 Seattle I is in second position in the First Division of the British Columbia Mainland Cricket League. Leading the First Division is Salim Akbar CC, who narrowly defeated Seattle at Fort Dent on June 24--for the present, this puts them squarely in the top spot in the First Division.

The top First Division standings are as follows: Salim Akbar Played 8 Won 8 Lost 0 Points 32 Point percentage 100.00 %; Meralomas II Played 7 Won 5 Lost 2 Points 20 Point percentage 71.43%; Seattle I Played 7 Won 5 Lost 2 Points 16 Point percentage 71.43%, West Vancouver Played 7 Won 5 Lost 2 Points 20 Point percentage 71.43%. Results not officially entered into the record suggest that Meralomas may have lost another match, while Seattle defeated West Vancouver on July 1 at Fort Dent. This would put Seattle I in undisputed second place once the official stats to catch up with the results.

As to individual performances updated only to June 30, Seattle I batsman Hitesh PATEL made the list of top-ranked batsmen in Division I, while Rahul REDDY widened his lead as the top-ranked Division I bowler in the BCMCL.

The BCMCL Division II races are more widely spread out as of June 30, with Division-leading Richmond III widening its lead over the other Division II teams.Seattle II now appears to be in undisputed 3rd place, behind Richmond III and UBC-Varsity, and may in fact have clinched 2nd place when the stats for the most recent matches are factored in. In fact, an unofficial tally puts Seattle II in the Division II shield finals, to be played in September at Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC.

In Division II batting, Shammi Bhatti has now pulled ahead of Aslam Khan, and has the second-best batting performance in Division II (Aslam is in 7th place). None of the Seattle II bowlers made it into the top rankings by end-June. This is a change from the May 30 ratings, when three Seattle II bowlers made the top rankings.

In the US Northwest Cricket League, the two Seattle teams are (so far) not faring as well as in the 1999 season. Seattle A, the winner of the 1999 Championships, is placed at about the middle of the 10-team league, holding to 5th position with two wins and two losses as of June 15. Seattle B is situated even lower, in 7th position with three losses out of five matches. In general, the momentum is so far with the Portland-area teams, With Beaverton CC and Multnomah CC among the big winners so far, and only Microsoft I of the Seattle-area teams in the top half of the League standings. While the second half of the NWCL season could see a reversal of fortunes, this would have to be dramatic for the standings to be reversed.

Individual performances for the NWCL are not yet available, and will be reported when they are.

For details of the BCML statistics for all teams and divisions, click on BCMCL Statistics for the 2000 season . For NWCL League standings and match reports, click on NWCL Web Site.