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Fort Dent Park , in Tukwila, between Seattle and the SeaTac Airport:
the ONLY public park with an exclusive cricket field in the entire US Northwest.

BY CAR : From downtown Seattle, Take I-5 South to Exit 156 (Interurban Avenue):
take a left (drive South on Interurban), and a left again at Fort Dent Way, and
drive across bridge into the Park. The cricket field is on your right.
The trip should take about 30 minutes from downtown Seattle by car.

BY BUS: Take the South-bound #150 (to Auburn via Southcenter) from downtown Seattle,
at any tunnel station on Saturday, or on 3rd Avenue on Sunday.
Bus will stop at crossing of Interurban Avenue and Fort Dent Way,
and you can walk across the road and into the park via the bridge.
The trip should take about 45 minutes from downtown Seattle, for $1.00 each way, on weekends.
The #150 bus goes every half hour on weekends, all day and into late night.
There is a convenient bus stop on Interurban Avenue just outside the Park,
to catch the North-bound #150 bus for returning to Seattle.

WHEN you can watch CRICKET

Cricket is played on most Saturdays and Sundays, from end-April to end-September.
About 60 official games are played by Seattle Cricket club teams every season.
About 30 "home games" are played at Fort Dent Park, the rest "away", in Canada or out of town.
Then there are ten or more "home" games....unofficial ones, or involving other Seattle teams.
Altogether, then, forty or more games of cricket will be played every year
on weekends, at Fort Dent Park...
enough to satisfy most cricket appetites!
Games typically start at 1 pm and go on till evening;
and unofficial games, or those involving US teams only, at 11 or 11:30 am.
Check the schedule for the type of game.
Contact the President, Charles Benjamin, at 206 722 5367,or e-mail at ,
or Secretary Tito Sarai at 206-650-6757(cell), or by e-mail at,
for official schedules, which are available in April for the upcoming season.
[NOTE: Click here for the official schedule for year 2000, which is printed in this Web Page.]

Keep This In Mind: there CAN be last-minute changes, cancellations or re-scheduling, so... is best to re-check with the captain of the Seattle team which is scheduled to play;
...a day ahead, and ALSO the morning of the game in case of bad weather.


You can be a member of Seattle Cricket Club without playing any cricket.
We welcome interested spectators and afficionados of the sport.
Call the Secretary, Tito Sarai at 206-650-6757(cell) ,or e-mail him at
for details about joining the club as non-playing members.

If you wish to play, you need to attend cricket practice,
which starts in April and continues twice a week in the evenings at Fort Dent Park.
Contact the Secretary, Tito Sarai at 206-650-6757(cell), (e-mail:
for practice times and days.