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During the season which usually runs from end-April to end-September, PRACTICE SESSIONS are held at Fort Dent Park on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings after 5 pm.
In the past, Tuesdays were usually for 3rd Team and new players, and Wednesdays were for Ist and 2nd Team players, but this is not always the case."New" players, in particular, should (1)make a point of checking to find out which days the IIIrd Team and NWCL Captains will be present for practice, and (2) make sure to give their names, phone numbers etc. to those officers, because their first weekend matches are likely to be with one of those teams.

The Selection Committee meets at Fort Dent Park after the Wednesday practice session, to pick the teams for weekend matches covering both BCMCL and NWCL.
The Executive Committee meets as needed, also after practice, at the request of the President or one of the other officers.

The Annual General Meeting(AGM) of the Seattle Cricket Club takes place at the end of each year or the beginning of the next one, and is where the officers for each year are elected and major constitutional issues such as amendments, dues and other matters are discussed.
Two weeks' notice is given for AGMs, but it is a good idea to keep in touch with officers or regular members because mailed notices can be delayed, may not arrive, or could be otherwise missing.
An important point: ONLY those members of the Club whose dues are fully paid up as of the date of the meeting are allowed to vote. It is important to check whether your dues are recorded by the Treasurer as EITHER being paid up OR officially waived, in ADVANCE of the meeting.

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In past years, the Seattle Cricket Club has organized different kinds of social functions for members and non-members.
Some of these are as follows:
* DANCE PARTIES with live music, usually Caribbean-style, organized as fund-raisers for the Club
* CRICKET TELECASTS of World Cup, Sharjah or similar matches, via satellite, for Seattle cricketers and friends.
No such events were planned in 1998. But the 1999 World Cup will undoubtedly present opportunities for more such events.

The ANNUAL BANQUET of the Seattle Cricket Club is held after the season draws to a close, and is where awards, honors and reports for the season are officially made to the membership. This year, the Banquet was held at Kirkland on October 2, 1998. Some of the awards which were presented at the banquet are referenced below.

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After the end of the BCMCL season, SCC organizes some friendly matches to end the season in a high note of sportsmanship and understanding.
This season , there were two such matches: a friendly match against the Ismaili CC of Vancouver, always an exciting and animated occasion; and an India v Rest of World match won handily by the Indians who, thanks to new recruits and talent, are especially strong this year.
However, some of the other traditional matches (see next section) were not organized in 1998, and it is hoped they can be re-instituted in 1999.

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Over its long history as a Club, special awards have been established by members, officers, or the club as a whole.
Some of these trophies have been all but forgotten....they may be gathering dust on the shelves of some old club members.
Others are remembered, but the occasions around which they were first awarded no longer exist...
Here is a partial list of trophies or tokens of recognition that date from the Club's illustrious past. Perhaps they will be remembered, and revived, in the future.

Honorary (Lifetime) Membership
The officers nominate persons who have made lifelong contributions to the Cricket Club on or off the field, by naming them Honorary Members of the Seattle Cricket Club.
Not awarded in 1998.
The John Savory Batting Trophy
Presented to the batsman who had the highest batting average for all matches (League AND non-league) during the past season.
Not awarded in 1998.
The Mohan Nayudu Bowling Trophy
Presented to the batsman who had the lowest bowling average for all matches (League AND non-league) during the past season.
Not awarded in 1998.
Team Honors: Batting and Bowling
A trophy for the best batsman and best bowler for each of the teams playing for Seattle Cricket Club during the past season, nominated by the captains of each team.
First Team: Kevin Rattue (batting), A. J. Handa (bowling). Second Team: Tiki Mohanty (batting), Charles Benjamin (bowling). Third Team: Jiti Sandhu (batting), Rahul Rastogi (bowling). Fourth (NWCL)Team: Naval Ramdin (batting),----- (bowling).
The Great Cabbage Award
Presented to the player who dropped the most catches or/and committed the most fielding errors during the past season
Not awarded in 1998.
The Crocker-Surendranath Inspirational Award Presented to a NEW player who contributed the most by his performance (batting, bowling or both) during the past season.
Not awarded in 1998. However, Shimoga Srinath, captain of the Third Team, was awarded a President's award for inspirational performance in 1998.
The Caribbean Challenge Keg The losers in the annual West Indians versus the Rest of the World post-season match were supposed to pay for the post-game beer (usually a keg) and accompanying refreshments.
Not awarded in 1998; match was not played.
The Iftikhar Memorial Challenge Match and Trophy
A challenge match, Pakistan v the Rest of the World, in memory of an outstanding supporter of (and contributor to) the club from Pakistan, who died unexpectedly and prematurely
Not awarded in 1998; match was not played.

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This section welcomes notes, comments and ideas from SCC members. We would like to hear from you...and would love to publish your concerns/suggestions and ideas.
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For Information and Suggestions ..Contact the following...
Deb K.Das
Shabu Khan