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     S C C  SCHEDULE for YEAR 2000
       HOME GAMES at Fort Dent Park in TUKWILA marked in BOLD FACE.
                    NWCL games start at 11 a.m, others at 1 p.m.
  Seattle 1 and 2: BCMCL Teams.   Seattle A and B : NWCL Teams
29-Apr-00 Saturday Seattle 1 West Van 1 Hugo Ray 1
30-Apr-00 Sunday Seattle 2 Ismaili 3 Sperling
07-May-00 Sunday Seattle 1 North S. 2 UB
    Seattle 2 Fraser V LB
13-May-00 Saturday Seattle 2 Pakcan Seattle
14-May-00 Sunday Seattle 1 Kitsilano 1 Seattle
14-May-00 Sunday Microsoft 1 Seattle A Marymoor
20-May-00 Saturday Seattle 2 West Van 2 Hugo Ray 1
20-May-00 Saturday Seattle B Microsoft 2 Seattle
21-May-00 Sunday Beaverton Seattle A Portland
21-May-00 Sunday Seattle 1 Windies 2 Seattle
27-May-00 Saturday Seattle 1 Merol 2 Connaught
27-May-00 Saturday Seattle 2 Wanders 1 Seattle
28-May-00 Sunday Seattle B IndoPak Seattle
03-Jun-00 Saturday Seattle 1 Ismaili 2 Seattle
03-Jun-00 Saturday Seattle 2 Wanderers 1 Douglas
04-Jun-00 Sunday Seattle A Seattle B Seattle
10-Jun-00 Saturday Seattle 1 Richmond 2 Seattle
10-Jun-00 Saturday Seattle 2 Interior Kelowna
10-Jun-00 Saturday Microsoft 1 Seattle B Marymoor
11-Jun-00 Sunday Seattle A Microsoft 2 Seattle
17-Jun-00 Saturday Seattle 1 Burrard Seattle
18-Jun-00 Sunday Seattle 2 Vanc. Juniors Abbotsford
18-Jun-00 Sunday Seattle A IndoPak Marymoor
18-Jun-00 Sunday Seattle B Multnomah Seattle
24-Jun-00 Saturday Seattle 1 Salim Ak Seattle
24-Jun-00 Saturday Seattle 2 UBC 2 Trafalgar
25-Jun-00 Sunday Seattle A WSU Seattle
01-Jul-00 Saturday Seattle 1 West Van 1 Seattle
02-Jul-00 Sunday Seattle 2 Fraser V Abbotsford
08-Jul-00 Saturday Seattle 1 North S 2 Norgate
08-Jul-00 Saturday Seattle B Beaverton Seattle
09-Jul-00 Sunday Seattle 2 Pakcan Crescent
09-Jul-00 Sunday Seattle A Gresham Seattle
15-Jul-00 Saturday Portland Seattle B NWCL
15-Jul-00 Saturday Seattle A Multnomah Seattle
16-Jul-00 Sunday Seattle 2 Interior Seattle
22-Jul-00 Saturday Seattle 1 Windies 2 Mackin
22-Jul-00 Saturday Seattle 2 Van Jun Connaught
22-Jul-00 Saturday Portland Seattle A Portland
23-Jul-00 Sunday Seattle B Gresham Seattle
29-Jul-00 Saturday Seattle 2 Ismaili 3 Seattle
29-Jul-00 Saturday Gresham Seattle A NWCL
29-Jul-00 Saturday WSU Seattle B NWCL
30-Jul-00 Sunday Seattle 1 Meralo 2 Seattle
05-Aug-00 Saturday Seattle 1 Ismaili 2 Sperling
06-Aug-00 Sunday IndoPak Seattle B NWCL
06-Aug-00 Sunday Seattle 2 West Van 2 Seattle
12-Aug-00 Saturday Seattle 2 Richmond 3 Minoru
12-Aug-00 Saturday Seattle A Microsoft 1 Seattle
13-Aug-00 Sunday Seattle 1 Richmond 2 Minoru
13-Aug-00 Sunday Seattle B Gresham Seattle
19-Aug-00 Saturday Seattle 1 Burrard Douglas
19-Aug-00 Saturday Seattle 2 UBC 2 Seattle
20-Aug-00 Sunday Seattle B Portland Seattle
26-Aug-00 Saturday Seattle B WSU Seattle
27-Aug-00 Sunday Seattle 1 Salim Akbar Crescent
27-Aug-00 Sunday Seattle 2 Wanderers LB
02-Sep-00 Saturday      
03-Sep-00 Sunday Seattle 1 Kitsilano Crescent
09-Sep-00 Saturday Seattle A Beaverton Seattle
09-Sep-00 Saturday Division 2 Shield Final Seattle 2 LB
10-Sep-00 Sunday Seattle A Microsoft 2 Seattle
10-Sep-00 Sunday Multnomah Seattle B NWCL
16-Sep-00 Saturday NWCL SemiFinal 1  
17-Sep-00 Sunday NWCL SemiFinal 2  
24-Sep-00 Sunday NWCL FINAL  
30-Sep-00 Saturday NWCL          Make-up Weekend  
01-Oct-00 Sunday NWCL          Make-up Weekend