[The following explanation of cricket has been used since the 1970s, to explain cricket
to Americans who had never seen a cricket match.
First developed in Seattle, it has been used throughout the USA.
Try it on your American friends...
if they understand baseball, they should be able to follow cricket with this handy guide!

[NOTE: Unlike baseball, where a pitcher rests every 10 or so pitches when the BATTING rotates, cricket pitchers rest every 6 pitches as their PITCHING rotates.]

* [[ IMPORTANT: Each six-pitch set is called an "over", and pitchers are called "bowlers" in cricket. So, to say "Doe bowled seven overs", is saying Doe threw 42 pitches, in (alternating) sets of six. ]]


So far, we have explained cricket using mostly baseball terminology. If you want to learn the language that cricketers really use, click on A List of Technical Cricket Terms to see how they talk about cricket !

For a look at the equipment used in cricket, click on A First Look at Cricket Equipment.

If you now understand the basic rules, Click on Beyond the Basics: A Look at Cricket Strategy to learn more about how the game is played.

Deb K Das